Accelerating the impact of quantum.

Qubits Ventures is a pre-seed venture fund. We invest in scalable technology startups that are applying quantum technologies to solve complex problems and provide positive societal impact.


What could you achieve if you could identify the most ideal answer among nearly infinite possibilities?

From the incredible data volume increase to enabling exponential compute capabilities, quantum technology has the power to change and improve every industry by solving problems which classical computing can’t.


Investing in quantum technologies with major impact for the future.

Quantum Applications

These are business or scientific applications using quantum simulation, modeling, algorithms, cryptography, cybersecurity, and optimization.

Quantum Systems

These are system software, firmware, utilities, and tools that support quantum computer interfaces, application development, and system operations.

Quantum Devices

These are small devices and system components using quantum sensors and/or photonics that solve specific problems really well.

Transitional / Bridge Tech

These are software and systems that bridge quantum computing and classical computing together.

Portfolio Companies

Our Team

Supporting early-stage quantum and photonics companies.

Nardo Manaloto headshot
Nardo Manaloto
Managing Partner

Computer Scientist, Deep Tech Thought Leader, and Serial Entrepreneur

Luke Mauritsen headshot
Luke Mauritsen
Board of Advisors

National Quantum Literacy & MonArk Quantum Foundry Board Member

Ryan Patel headshot
Ryan Patel
Board of Advisors

Drucker School of Management Board Director, CNN and BBC TV News Contributor

Mandy Peckham headshot
Mandy Peckham
Venture Partner

Federal Advisor, Fundraising & Startup Scout

Wen Dombrowski headshot
Wen Dombrowski, MD, MBA
Venture Partner

Healthcare, Life Sciences, Enterprise and Startup, Technology Expert

Bob Gingrich headshot
Bob Gingrich, PhD
Venture Partner

Quantum Algorithms Expert, Caltech Quantum Physics PhD

Beth Kuchar headshot
Beth Kuchar
Venture Partner

Innovation Ecosystems, Marketing, and Interaction Design Expert

Adeo Ressi headshot
Adeo Ressi
Venture Partner

CEO at VC Lab and Executive Chairman at Founder Institute

Mike Suprovici headshot
Mike Suprovici
Venture Partner

Head of Acceleration at VC Lab and Fund Operations Expert

Quantum is the next major transformative technology.

There are entire categories of problems that today’s most advanced supercomputers still can’t solve.  But quantum computers excel at tackling large, uncertain and complex problems. Quantum tech gives us the potential to solve the unsolvable.

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